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This Site features Video Clips and Memes of Quotes by Medical Doctors and Scientists who Question and Debunk the Scientific Fraud of Vivisection Experiments on Animals and Humans.

They explain that the people who make money from animal experiments do not tell the truth about it; that the unreliable tests on animals confuse and mislead human medicine; that they stall the progress of human healthcare; that the pseudoscience of animal testing leads to the marketing of unsafe medical drugs and procedures that injure and kill millions of humans; and that animal experimentation is a multi-billion dollar business that exists for commercial reasons including to perpetuate academic careers.

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1. Some Playlists on Youtube:

Playlist of youtube clips featuring Doctors Against Vivisection – they explain that animal testing fails scientific standards and that it is done for commercial reasons.

The playlist includes presentations from the 2016 “WIST Congress: Science Instead of Animal Experiments” that was held in Germany by Doctors Against Animal Experiments (DAAE).

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2. Quotes in Picture Memes:

Many of these quotes, below and on other pages, are from the book titled 1000 Doctors Against Vivisection – that links to a free PDF of the text.

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Dr Irwin Bross explain reasons why American doctors against vivisection experiments animals medical animal research definition welfare ethics rights bad not science wrong good scientific advances vital necessary facts history medicine cosmetics

Dr. Irwin D.J. Bross, PhD: “The virtue of animal model systems to those in hot pursuit of the federal dollar is that they can be used to prove anything – no matter how foolish, or false, or dangerous this might be.
There is such a wide variation in the results of animal model systems that there is always some system which will “prove” a point… The moral is that animal model systems not only kill animals, they also kill humans.”

Dr Irwin DJ Bross PhD was Head of research design and analysis at the largest cancer research institute in the world, the Sloan-Kettering. Author of the book Scientific Fraud vs Scientific Truth. Refer to this article about him in The Lancet medical journal.
See further down this page for another quote regards cancer research and further notes about Dr Bross’ career and achievements.

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Dr Fiona Godlee MD, editor in chief, The British Medical Journal (BMJ), 2014 article titled “How predictive and productive is animal research?”
Excerpts: “The medical literature remains beset with academic and commercial biases caused by overinterpretation of small, poorly designed, and badly implemented studies, many of them erroneously or selectively reported or not reported at all. The result is an evidence base that systematically exaggerates the benefits and underplays the harms of treatments.
But as if this were not enough, an even more fundamental problem casts doubt on the validity of clinical research: the poor quality of the animal research on which much of it is based. Ten years ago in The BMJ Pandora, Pound and colleagues asked, “Where is the evidence that animal research benefits humans?”… Their conclusions were not encouraging.
Much animal research into potential treatments for humans was wasted, they said, because it was poorly conducted and not evaluated through systematic reviews.
Since then, as Pound and Michael Bracken explain this week the number of systematic reviews of animal studies has increased substantially, but this has served only to highlight the poor quality of much preclinical animal research. The same threats to internal and external validity that beset clinical research are found in abundance in  animal studies: lack of randomisation, blinding, and allocation concealment; selective analysis; and reporting and publication bias. The result, said Ioannidis in 2012, is that it is “NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO RELY ON MOST ANIMAL DATA to predict whether or not an intervention will have a favourable clinical benefit-risk ratio in human subjects.”
Such wastage is as unethical in animal as in human research. Poorly done preclinical research may lead to expensive but fruitless clinical trials exposing participants to harmful drugs. And of course there is the unnecessary suffering of the animals involved in research that brings no benefit…
Even if the research were conducted faultlessly, argue the authors, our ability to predict human responses from animal models will be limited by interspecies differences in molecular and metabolic pathways.
Funds might be better directed towards clinical rather than basic research, where there is a clearer return on investment in terms of effects on patient care…”
Reference: “How predictive and productive is animal research?”, British Medical Journal, June 2014; 348; at

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Dr Moneim Fadali facts reasons what why how famous medical doctors researchers oppose opposed against cruel scientific animal research tests experiments unscientific vivisection testing fraud medicine cosmetics animals exposed scam lies wrong bad

Dr Moneim Fadali, MD: “Animal model systems differ from their human counterparts. Conclusions drawn from animal research, when applied to human beings, are likely to delay progress, mislead, and do harm to the patient. Vivisection, or animal experimentation, should be abolished.”

Dr Moneim A Fadali, MD, MCh, FACS, FRCS, FACC, FACCP is: a diplomate of the American Board of Thoracic Surgery, the American Board of Surgery; a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, Canada; the American College of Surgeons, the American College of Cardiology, the American College of Chest Physicians; a member of the California Medical Association; and President of Doctors & Lawyers for Responsible Medicine – refer to:

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Dr Herbert Margot Stiller facts medical doctor doctors expose refute oppose opposed against cruel unscientific testing medicines cosmetics animal research tests vivisection experiments animals scientific fraud exposed scam lies wrong bad debate cons

Dr Herbert Stiller MD & Dr Margot Stiller MD: “Practically all animal experiments are untenable on a statistical scientific basis, for they possess no scientific validity or reliability. They merely perform an alibi for pharmaceutical companies, who hope to protect themselves thereby.”

Dr Herbert Stiller & Dr Margot Stiller – a married couple who resided in Germany – were specialists in neurology, psychiatry, & psychotherapy. They authored numerous articles & books such as “Deadly Tests: Experiments with Animals and Humans” and founded a German organisation whose name translates to “Doctors Against Animal Experiments” Reference:

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Dr André Passebecq medical doctors explain reasons refute oppose expose opposed against unscientific animal vivisection research testing tests ethics medicines cosmetics debate experiments animals humans scientific fraud facts lies wrong bad cons exposed

Dr André Passebecq: “Experiments on animals lead inevitably to experiments on people… As if an animal experiment could ever predict the same result on a person. And as if an experiment on one human being could enable us to foresee the reactions of another human being, whose biology & metabolism are different, whose blood pressure is different, whose lifestyle & age & nourishment & sensitivity & genes & everything else are different… A real doctor’s experience derives from his natural intuition coupled with his observation at the sickbed, but never from invasive, violent experiments on people, and much less on animals…”

Dr André Passebecq: Doctor of Psychology & Psychotherapy, Doctor of Natural Medicine, Osteopath, lecturer emeritus at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Paris-Nord, author of many books on health & medicine, President of the International League of Doctors Against Vivisection.

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Dr Robert Mendelsohn what why how quotes famous medical researchers doctors against oppose opposed cruel unscientific vivisection animal science research tests experiments animals testing medicine cosmetics fraud wrong bad facts debate cons alternatives USA UK

Dr. Robert Mendelsohn: “The reason why I am against animal research is because it does not work, it has no scientific value and every good scientist knows that.”

Dr. Robert Mendelsohn was Head of the Licensing Board for the State of Illinois (USA), a practising doctor for 30 years, a medical columnist & best-selling author of several books about medicine and health matters, the recipient of numerous awards for excellence in medicine. Refer to:

A video recording of an interview with Dr Mendelsohn is on youtube at

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Quotes Memes Anti Vivisection Medical Scientists Doctors Drs Explain Debunk Refute Against Alternative Medical Animal Research Methods Experiments Experimentation Animals Not Scientific Science Exposed Debunked Prof Pietro Croce Wrong Why Bad Fraud

Professor Pietro Croce MD wrote the book “Vivisection Or Science?” after decades of doing vivisection experiments on animals:
“Are there alternatives to vivisection?
Certainly not. There are no alternatives because any method, to be able to replace it, should have its same qualities.
But it would be difficult to find something in biomedical research that has been, and continues to be, more misleading than vivisection. Therefore, the methods to be followed by biomedical research should be called scientific methods rather than alternative methods…
Apart from the fact that animals react in quite a different way from humans, no consideration is usually paid to the fact that toxicity tests are almost always conducted on healthy animals, whereas the remedy will be administered to a sick patient. And the malady modifies by itself the metabolism of drugs.

For instance, fever increases the toxicity of many drugs. Hepatic diseases diminish the capacity of the liver to neutralize noxious substances. Many renal maladies slow down the elimination of foreign substances like medicines, and the products of their disintegration.
By inoculating pathogenic (disease-causing) agents into animals, the researcher tries to obtain a model of human disease. Delusion or mystification? Having taken the wrong road, he avoids looking back in order not to see the truth that could transform him in a statue of salt.
And so, having created in an animal disease that is not the same as in the human being, the experimenter starts trying out drugs which are supposed to cure it. At this point, the errors start multiplying in geometric progression, forming an inverted pyramid which can’t stand upright.” [1]

Quoted from “Vivisection or Science?” (p25&29) as cited in “CIVIS Bullet-in Nr.1” 1983 p.15&17 [1]

Professor Croce experimented on animals for several decades until he realised – like so many others – that it is unscientific, misleading & harms humans through unsafe medicines & procedures.
Professor Croce was an Italian microbiologist, pathologist & medical author. He worked in universities in the USA & Europe. From 1952 to 1982 he headed the Laboratory for Chemical Clinical Analysis, Microbiology & Pathological Anatomy at the Hospital of L. Sacco in Milan, Italy. He was a member of the College of American Pathologists, a lecturer at the University of Milan& author of various medical works. [2]

References: [1] Quoted from the book “Vivisection or Science?” (p25&29) as cited in “CIVIS Bullet-in Nr.1” 1983 p.15&17 [2]

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